How to Dress for a Big Fat Indian Wedding

We all know that every Indian wedding is a big fat overwhelming affair which brings together not just to people but two families and since this grand affair can be super hectic even as a wedding guest because each couple has atlas 3 functions, it may sound simple but trust me being a wedding guest is a job...

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Growing up around beautiful and stylish women like my mom and Maa(grandma) I was surrounded by beautiful jewellery, each piece they wore had a story a meaning a significance and that’s why I think Indian jewellery is so special its and just an accessory it’s a family heirloom which has its own history. I’ve been fortunate enough to borrow a lot of these pieces and am going to share with you my top 3...

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New year

2020 has been challenging in more ways then one but being fortunate enough to be healthy and happy is definitely a reason to celebrate and bring in the new year.


There is a lot of conjecture about what is the best skincare routine now people are talking about skin health and taking it seriously, being a strong believer in good skincare over good beauty products I support the idea that eating, sleeping and good skin regimen greatly outweighs beauty regimes, go to a dermatologist,...

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winter whites

I find that winter dressing is synonymous to dark colours black seems to be on everyone's mind not me I use color to combat the winter blues not only does it lift my mood but also everyone else’s.this particular combination of white pants and a white crop top plus the blue leather jacket adds that extra pop also the Air Force1’s make it more relaxed, since it's such an unexpected combination for winter months its sure to garner attention and isn’t that what we all want!

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The power suit

My personal style always leans towards masculine silhouettes there's just something about a pant suit that it instantly empowers me and gives me confidence, this look can be easily taken from the boardroom to drinks with just a few tweaks, on this occasion I styled my tuxedo jacket with flare pants ,nude heels and no shirt, if you need more coverage you just add a lace crop top and you’re super secure.One thing is guaranteed that this look will turn heads and garner compliments.

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The jogger set

One thing we have all learned in 2020 is the power and importance of a jogger set, comfort is the number one thing on everyone's mind when the whole world came to a stand still, even then there's always room to polish any outfit even if its loungewear: the grey joggers with an olive green full sleeves crop top is a fresh take on this everyday staple, but the accessories like the beige Chanel sneakers,dior book tote and the customised yankees hat elevate this look to the next level!

So go on make your loungewear into an actual day look and make the most of your coin.

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The tulle top

Whenever we think of tulle we think girly barbie doll looks but there so much more potential in this fabric which can go easily from winter to summer, for a winter look I’ve paired this corseted polka dot tulle with flared leather leggings that toughen it up while still staying glamorous ,the fluffy beautiful top brings a youthful energy and changes the mood from gloomy winter's night to a fun smoky one, keeping the accessories to the min with just the Dior saddle bag because the two main pieces are strong enough to shine on there own.

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The red leather pants

Being a fan of leather in the winters while also loving color being a true Indian I try and combine my two loves which for some can be intimidating but trust me there is no need to be the trick is to choose your hero piece which is the red leather pants in this instance and keep all your other pieces neutral like the cream knit top I have here while the cream Chanel sneakers and mini palm spring Chanel backpack make it casual enough for day! I'm only giving you pointers none of these are rules, dressing up should be fun so being experimental is a good thing there is no wrong way to express yourself so go try your quirky color combos!

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The Adidass tracks

Growing up with an older brother moulded me into a tomboy with scraped knees and bruised elbows and the most adventurous childhood ever so even after turning into a full grown women my truest and deepest self is happiest in trackies which I pair with super feminine lace or tie-up tops that make my outfit posh enough for cocktails!

The red tracks I paired with a white corset top and AF1 sneakers and had my hair super wavy ,the black ones I paired with a matching black tiptop to create a monochrome look while adding a trench and a mini speedy made it sophisticated.

I believe in repeating my clothes so I’m a firm believer in buying good quality basics and adding elements to take your outfit from day to night!

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The aviator fur

Chocolate brown was undoubtedly the color of autumn /winter 2020 and I've always had a weak spot for a full monochrome look, the brown leather pants paired with a basic brown top and a oversize aviator fur created this teddy bear moment where you’ll look super cute but also stylish at the same time which trust me is not an easy feat, one tip I have for you guys is that if you have a look with strong pieces you should keep the accessories to a minimum which is why I kept it simple with these nude heels.

PS:It's super warm too!

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The Little Black Dress

A staple in everyones closets a go to for “I have nothing to wear”days its that one dress thats your fail safe and has always stood the test of time!ok ok I’m being a bit dramatic here but the importance of this little black dress in a girls wardrobe can’t be negated.there are various types though and my go to is the silk LBD, silk to me is one of the most sensual materials you can put on your body, it makes me feel instantly sexy also in this particular look the one shoulder accentuates the curves even more which is decently a crowd please for us girls.

The vintage white fur jacket makes it look expensive while giving an extra layer of warmth for those chilly winter nights.

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The sweater dress

There is always that look that just happened and becomes iconic without much effort the sweater dress+shirt combination was one of those, what makes it even more cooler is the fact that the shirt was stolen from my brothers closet(shhhhhh)!snake skin brown boots and my Gucci padlock polish up the whole look, this outfit will take you to a brunch or just a girls lunch as its is comfy enough to eat a giant meal.

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The clueless

The 90’s has always been one of the most iconic style eras for me from Cher from Clueless to Rachel green of Friends these women have always inspired me and this particular look is my special ode to clueless the pink patterned sweater paired with a white snakeskin leather skirt and white knee high boots bring this 90’s look to 2021.

Lots of my friends have told me that coloured leather intimidates them but in my opinion for winter its the one thing that sets you apart from all the identical black outfits so try a strong piece and ease into it with one of your comfort pieces and you’re sure to make heads turn!

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